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'Working with Liz and Chris at Rickaby has been a brilliant experience for us. I had no idea how little I actually understood my numbers until I sat down with Chris and he has helped me to understand my business in a way that I didn't even know was possible, to forecast and the changes that we have made and implemented since we have started that process have been incredible.

I'd recommend them to anybody who's in any way serious about growing their business. They're friendly and approachable and just lovely, lovely people and for us, we couldn't recommend them highly enough.'
Laura McDouall, Hoss Equine Limited, www.hossequine.co.uk


Richard Brash'We have been working with Chris and Rickaby for the last year and are so pleased with the service provided. Chris and his staff at Rickaby have consistently provided expert advice and business support services, helping my business achieve strong growth and development throughout the last year. I believe that Rickaby are by far the best business growth accountants in the Berkhamsted area.'
Mr R Brash, Brash Solutions Limited, www.brashsolutions.co.uk

Classroom Medics'I met Chris and Liz at the National Entrepreneurs Convention in September and spoke to them as I was disappointed with the service from my previous accountant. After an initial telephone conversation, Chris sent me a great proposal. In our first meeting I learnt so much that will make a real difference to my business. We are all told to understand our numbers in the Entrepreneurs Circle and I had already started to get an understanding of mine, but with the help of Chris and Liz I now have more financial information at my finger tips so I can make those all important decisions and plan for the future. If you are looking for an accountant give Chris and Liz and call, you won’t be disappointed.'
Mr T Warrender, Classroom Medics, www.classroommedics.co.uk

Amanda McDermott'I used to dread those brown envelopes hitting the doormat until we transferred to Rickaby & Co. Now I know what to expect from the taxman and when to expect it with the peace of mind that Rickaby will help me out with anything I don't understand. Rickaby have become an extension of our business and their handholding has ended all those sleepless nights!'
Mrs A McDermott, McDermott Business Consultancy Limited

Sarah O'Reilly'We would recommend Rickaby & Co's Outsourced FD service as the perfect way to gain a valuable external resource to any business with aspirations for growth.'
Ms S O'Reilly, Talent Innovations Limited, www.talentinnovations.com


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Bryan Wright‘Our monthly meetings have become invaluable; we have developed processes & systems that put pressure on us to monitor the business & report on it every month, forcing us to keep an eye on financial performance, general forecasting and overall business & marketing strategy. The outcome has proved immensely beneficial to the business performance & our general management.’
Mr B Wright, Yellow Yoyo Limited, www.yellowyoyo.co.uk

Bob Usher‘Business is about relationships – so it’s nice to do business with nice people – knowing our business affairs are in secure hands.’
Mr RJ Usher, Apex Digital Graphics Limited, www.apex-digital.co.uk


Roy Chapman 'You are probably the best accountant that I have ever used. Your ability to explain things with clarity and simplicity is a real pleasure!'
Mr TR Chapman, Roy Chapman Limited


'Just an accountants doing what they should, when they should in a cost effective way. Approachable and friendly, the team works as one with expert knowledge applied to your business and interests. They helped us to halve our corporation tax bill. Accountants are trained in historical cost accounting; what a pleasure it is to find one that looks ahead and works with you.'
Mr J Christopher, Innovative Electronic Technologies Limited

‘Top quality service at a reasonable price – I would certainly recommend you to anybody looking for an accountant. The best accountants I have had – I have worked with four since 1984 – large and small. Unfaultable professional service, provided at a good price.’
Mr D Levenson

‘I’m always very impressed with the level of service and professionalism at Rickaby & Co. After 15 years in business, yours is by far the most attentive accountancy practice I've used. I look forward to building on our relationship for many years to come.’
Mr P Jackson, MH Forum Link Ltd, www.mhforumlink.com

‘Excellent & responsive service which is greatly appreciated! Difficult to improve on what for me is 100% service.’
Dr C Roythorne

‘Professional, fast and friendly’
Dr A Zandvoort

'In life we make decisions, some not the best, most good and with others we can be very confident personal and work lives are significantly improved. Having decided to commission Rickaby & Co to be my Accountants I am delighted as this decision definitely falls into the category of 'very confident this was a good decision'.'
Mr C Herring, CCH Project Management Limited

‘A very professional and friendly company able to guide you through the jungle of tax and financial problems constantly presented by the government.’
Mr CJ Graham, Hair By Christopher John Limited

‘Rickaby & Co is perfect for the small business that wants to focus on their business with complete confidence that financial affairs are compliant and under control.’
Mr J Deadman, Amtolo Performance Limited, www.amtolo.com

‘Excellent service, staff are always helpful, efficient and friendly. Nothing is too much bother. Really takes the hassle of the tax man away.’
Mr G Grieg, Silver Fox Consulting Limited

‘Engaged on a recommendation, we were delighted to find that for a fraction of the cost needed to recruit a full time financial director we gained access to the services of an exceptional individual. Despite being a ‘virtual’ employee [Chris’s] personal commitment to our company could not have been higher and he and his company exceeded our expectations in every area.’
Mr A Thompson, Former MD, Link Group Consultants

‘The firm has a strong team… the service and the application and efficiency of all staff is surprising for a small firm. In our experience this is certainly not the case with other similar sized, or, indeed, much larger enterprises!...We find their team easy to relate to.. It is always a pleasure to pick up the phone to them… When you join their client list you will be in safe hands and be treated in a courteous and exemplary fashion.’
Mr BA Clarke, Technik Exhibit Solutions Limited

‘With Rickabys, peace of mind is part of the service.’
Rev. B Allcott

‘Having been burdened for years with completing my tax return on line I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was for Rickaby’s to deal in my behalf. No more worries about details, dates or penalties!’
Mr JA Foord

‘My wife and I, on the subject of accounts and taxation, can be compared with ‘fish out of water’. You give us peace of mind. Many thanks.’
Mr & Mrs F Sapwell

‘For many years, Rickabys have helped us keep our accounting as painless as it can be and have guided us through the awkward decisions most SMEs face from time to time. As non-accountants ourselves, we find their friendly approach adds up to a valuable service.’
Mr D Mooring, Strategic Allies Limited, www.strategicallies.co.uk

‘Rickaby & Co provides us with knowledgeable advice for a variety of activities and also does our annual accounts and audit for our design and interiors business. I have never used any other accountants since I started in business in 1980. I can't bear to work out how long that is which explains why I depend on them so much - and they have never let me down!’
Mr J Grey, Johnny Grey Limited, www.johnnygrey.com

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