IT and e-business

Information technology and the internet are increasingly central to businesses of every size and of every sector, and are set to become even more important in the future.

With computer viruses becoming ever more frequent and robust, businesses need to be wise to the dangers and aware of the precautions they must take in the information age.
Amid the flood of exhortations for UK businesses to embrace the new technologies, one important distinction seems to have been overlooked - the difference between e-commerce and e-business.
For businesses that depend on e-commerce, one of the greatest problems is the loss of personal contact with their customers. For many small enterprises, the thing that sets them apart from larger corporations is their ability to deliver a personal touch.
The big advantage of advertising online is that it provides a reach unrivalled, certainly in terms of its affordability, by most other media. Its national (and international) coverage means that smaller businesses can compete with their larger rivals without having recourse to the sort of advertising budgets demanded by such conventional media as the press and television.
E-mail is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and can be a frustrating burden, hindering important work. Here are some tips for more efficient handling of e-mail.
Increasing numbers of businesses are choosing to sell their goods and services online, not least because customers expect the convenience that internet retailing offers.
Almost one out of five firms have at some point unknowingly breached the Data Protection Act, according to new research.
It is tempting to think that if your computer system is fulfilling its function upgrading it is an unnecessary expense, but technology is changing so fast that if you fail to keep up you might find that a competitor is able to do the same work at a much lower cost.
With internet use increasing at a rapid pace, establishing an online presence is becoming de rigueur for even the smallest businesses.
Ensure that before you buy an e-commerce software package that it has the correct features for you.
Do you know what products or services your competitors are selling, how they are promoting them, what prices they are asking, how customers or clients are relating to them, and what they have planned for the future?
Millions of staff in the UK now have access to the internet at work, and it seems that not all of them use it exclusively for work-related purposes.
Writing for websites requires different skills from those needed for printed publications.
Contracts that govern should cover a number of areas.
Online shopping continues to enjoy extraordinary rates of growth. In order to maximise the potential of a business website, however, it is important to develop an e-marketing plan for it.