Your employees

No matter how much cash there is in the bank or how large its stock is, a firm's most valuable asset is its employees. Taking care of your staff can make the difference between an ordinary business and a truly successful one.

When problems occur in the workplace, there are several measures that employers can use to resolve issues, and some rules with which they must comply.
Every business needs to be aware of the legal obligations that come with taking on staff. This section offers an outline guide to the more important regulations.
Effective, intelligent employee management can have a very real effect on the productivity, the profitability and the reputation of a business.
Staff absences can be disruptive and costly, which is why many employers have policies and systems in place to minimise the impact of sick leave.
There are a number of rules and legal stipulations that govern the management of a firm’s workplace pension scheme.
Many smaller businesses choose to employ staff on a part-time basis. This often has the advantage of controlling costs when there is no need for a full-time worker and of adding flexibility to the running of the business.
How to go about finding employees with the right skills and the right level of experience, and how to attract them to your business.
This section offers some guides on the best way to handle redundancies and the departures of members of staff.
As well as improving productivity, rewarding your employees with extra incentives can have a transforming effect on staff morale and the overall performance of your business.
With the world of business growing ever more competitive, raising skill levels among your workforce is not merely important but could be essential. Indeed, good, well thought-out training programmes and schemes can help to lay the foundations for the future of your business.
Employers have a responsibility to make sure that workplaces are safe and that care is taken over the health of their employees while at work. This section provides an outline of those duties.