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Calculate the tax on your company car and car fuel benefit. Contact us to discuss how this can be reduced.

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(Maximum reduction allowed to list price is £5,000).
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Van benefit

The chargeable benefits have been increased for 2015/16.

To find out the cost of the benefit of a van please refer to this table:

  Standard rate (20%)
(tax cost)
Higher rate (40%)
(tax cost)
Additional rate (45%)
(tax cost)
Van only - benefit £3,150 £630 £1,260 £1,417.50
Van and fuel for private use - benefit £3,744 £748.80 £1,497.60 £1,684.80
Employer's class 1A NICs:
Van £434.70
Fuel £81.97
Please note:

That there is no van fuel benefit if the employee pays for private fuel or if the van is incapable of producing CO2 emissions in use. If the van is unavailable for part of the year the van benefit is reduced proportionately.