Who do you need?

Whether you are running a business or just running a home, there are always people that you need to speak to who can supplement your knowledge, provide a key service or just give reassurance.

We know a huge number of people who we can introduce in response to requests, and have always done so, carefully taking into account personalities, areas of need and expertise, and would like now to extend this further.

In difficult times, you don’t want to gamble with the people you call on for help. Whether trades, professions, business services & support or even personal services such as physiotherapists or beauticians, these are people we know and trust that we would be happy to introduce to you.

We make no charge for these introductions, nor do we receive any commissions; we just want to help the suppliers we trust, and help you by linking you with them.

Please complete the boxes below, hit submit and we will send back the contact details for the person or people that we think you should speak to.

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Who do you need?

Please include a brief explanation of why you need the service, together with any key information; this will help us to help you! (For example, web developer for an e-commerce site, or legal solicitor to deal with franchising.)

We will email your details to your suggested supplier so that they are prepared for your contact, but will provide just your name, email address and telephone number. Please do mention us when you make contact, and let us know how successful the introduction is.