Audit & Assurance Services

Traditionally viewed by business owners as a ‘necessary evil’, we work hard to make your annual audit a positive experience, even if your business is below the statutory threshold, by conducting a simultaneous review of your financial and management systems. This can often result in the identification of potential problem areas and opportunities to improve performance in your business.

A well prepared audit report can have an extremely positive impact on the perceptions of future investors, finance sources and potential customers whilst enhancing your internal image.

Often overlooked, internal audits, such as expenses, can identify specific areas where processes should be reviewed or can be improved, and where your records may be lacking should HMRC select you for any form of enquiry. A pleasant side effect of this process is the potential cost saving or VAT refund that may result!

  • Statutory audits
  • Internal audits
  • Solicitors Clients Account Audit report
  • Client Account reports for Estate Agents
  • Retail Mediation Activities Reports (RMAR) for the FSA
  • Flat Management Expenses Certification


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