Business Finance for an Established Business

An established business can often give the impression to the unitiated that the worst is over and the sailing is now smooth. This is rarely the case! There remain a range of risks and opportunities that need to be addressed as they arise, and careful decisions need to be made to ensure the work and effort that was put in during the early years is not wasted.

Whilst every established business will have a relationship with their own bank, and probably have experienced some difficult situations, these relationships may not be the right ones to offer the support and advice needed for the next stage of progression. We can help improve these key relationships and make any necessary introductions from our wide networks. It is essential for successful business finance applications that those that you work with understand your goals and those of your business; we ensure this is the case.

Access to higher level business finance requires not only detailed forecasts and plans to prove affordability but also robust scenario planning to have been carried out to prove that every potential result has been identified and thought through.

Expansion plans can open up options other than banks for funding, with options such as EIS schemes or Venture Capital finance being prime options for consideration. We have a 100% success rate with EIS schemes, in several instances where other firms have advised that the releif would not be available. The latest scheme we dealt with raised £850,000. In these situations we would ordinarily prepare business plans, finance plans, the EIS application and deal with its submission, following the process through from start to a succssful conclusion.

An established business often looks to invest surplus profits in a commercial building rather than continue to pay rent, at which point the typical mortgage available is around the 60% mark. Once again, business plans and cash flows will ensure affordability and smooth the application process.

If you have any requirements for additional finance in your business, contact us and let us relieve the pressure.