Business Plans & Cash Flow Forecasts for Established Businesses

When an established business is in need of a business plan or a cash flow forecast, it needs to be far more detailed than when a new business is starting out. The plans need to reflect the way the business works, and take account of the way it has performed in the past, and the goals for its future.

We will create both business plans and cash flow forecasts from scratch, to produce a completely bespoke end result, that can include and extend previous trends from the business and take account of the proposed changes to be made.

This process involves detailed discussions at Partner level and can result in several iterations of the plans as they are further refined and amended once the first drafts are seen. They can be further refined as a project continues, or can be a one-off, upfront process.

The reality of the process around producing both business plans and cashflow forecasts for an established business can prompt quite considerable amendments to initial ideas whether for expansion, for diversification or a one-off project, and can result in far more favourable results as an outcome.

If you don't have an up to date business plan or cash flow forecast and want to be in the best position to thrive as we come into a new period of economic growth, contact us now!