Business Tax - Established Business

As a business grows, the complexity of its tax position naturally increases, which requires greater emphasis to be placed on careful tax planning to reduce the potential for liabilities as far as possible.

As examples, careful planning can avoid the burden of Quarterly Corporation Tax payments and ensure full allowances are achieved from the Annual Investment Allowance, purely by spending money that would be spent anyway, but doing it at the right time.

Research and Development Tax Credits is an area that is painfully underexploited, yet we have been successful in 100% of claims, across a range of industries including Manufacturing, Software and Technology. If you are developing a new product, there would be major savings to be made!

Patent Box is a relatively new regime, launched in April 2013, designed to help businesses make profits from their patents by reducing the tax due, and our first three Patent Box calculations were completed in November 2013. Whether to claim under this legislation should be carefully considered, as the rules can mean it is more beneficial to defer entry to the scheme until a later date.

The world of Business Tax is a complex one for an established business, but one that we can lead you through and explain fully so that you can understand it; why not contact us now to arrange a discussion to see how we could improve your tax position?