Business Valuation, Purchase and Sale

Not everyone starts a business from scratch. Many people purchase an existing business, or decide to change direction by disposing of an existing business.

Everyone who starts up in business should have an exit strategy in mind, and be working towards ensuring it is acheiveable, but what happens if you are approached along the way by someone who likes what they see and wants to become part of your success?

What happens if you see that by buying a key supplier, you can protect and improve your existing business?

It is at these 'points of change' that we can help!

There are a multitude of different considerations when valuing a business, including the industry involved and the structure of the offer being made to name but two. There are also a wide variety of tax implications depending on the structure and timing of any deal.

With a wide experience of business valuation, and having been involved with the process of due diligence from both sides of many business sales, we can help you achieve the result best suited to your unique circumstances.

Valuing the assets of the business, finding suitable purchasers and negotiating a sale are all areas of expertise for us, and will be essential should you decide to improve your profitability through a disposal. Contact us if you would like to discuss any first ideas in these areas; an initial conversation can prove extremely useful as you start to give them further consideration.

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