Management Information

One of the most important aspects of running any business is to know the numbers that reflect its performance, which is reflected in figures such as cashflow, costs, profit, credit control and progress against budgets. Too often these figures are only viewed historically, when it is too late to influence them, or as part of a post mortem on a failed business.

If these numbers are monitored as a regular and ongoing process, the management information they reflect becomes a vital measure of the business' performance, can allow considered decisions and warn of any issues that need to be addressed in plenty of time.

We provide clients with the tools to identify and then to monitor these essential indicators within the business. An initial planning meeting shows us where you are currently, identifies any weaknesses and offers the chance for key people to discuss what may be needed to give you with the right information for the future.

Regular management accounts, either monthly or quarterly, then give you the figures you need to monitor a host of different indicators, as identified, quickly enough that they are still relevant to the business, allowing you to regain control if necessary and giving you the flexibility to react to changing conditions. These can be prepared by us, or we will happily show you how to prepare them yourself and support the learning process until you can stand alone.

Whether you use our free business software or install one of the many other options now available, we can help and advise on the best solution for you and show you how to get the most out of it for the minimum effort, allowing you to concentrate on the main objective of running your business.

If its easier for you, we can take over control of the whole process of obtaining your management information, from core bookkeeping, preparation and production of management accounts to VAT return and payroll preparation, which saves you having to constantly monitor the ever changing and increasingly complex legislation.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how regular and timely management accounts and managment information can also make the annual accounts process simpler and a more positive experience.


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