Personal Tax Returns

Personal tax should not just be a once a year rushed consideration as the filing deadline of 31st January is looming! Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, their calculation and knowing how to calculate and minimise each is a minefield to juggle, but careful consideration can ensure that your affairs are arranged in the most advantageous way for you, not the Treasury!

There is far more to the area of personal tax than simply ensuring your completed Self Assessment Tax Return is submitted on time; we aim to remove the mystery from the regime and to ensure that you pay only what you have to, when you have to. To make preparation as easy as possible though, we use checklists to prompt clients for the information to consider each year, and remind them of the previous year's submitted details to help collate the various figures as soon after the 5th April rolls around as possible.

We strongly believe it is in our clients' interest as well as our own to get their Personal Tax Returns submitted to HMRC as quickly as possible; it allows more time to find any liability, ensures any refund is in their bank rather than that of HMRC far quicker, gives an opportunity to collect any liability via a notice of coding, provides the chance to make changes for teh coming year in good time and allows more time for consideration of any plans to reduce the final personal tax liability. Last minute completion makes the whole process far more onerous for all concerned!

As well as the preparation of Self Assessment Tax Returns, we will also check any Notices of Coding, chase for the corrected version as necessary, chase and check refunds, and deal with most other situations that may arise relating to personal tax, including chasing for clients to be removed from the Self Assessment System wherever possible.

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