Rental Property Accounts

With more Landlords than perhaps ever before, the correct treatment of rental property income is essential, and something we help many clients with. We are also pleased to be recommended to new landlords by several lettings agents, both locally and further afield.

Any income from property rental feeds into the Personal Tax Return of an individual, and to keep the resulting tax liability as low as possible we provide guidance as to allowable expenses, utilise the wear and tear allowance and ensure that rental income is declared on a receiveable basis.

Of course, we also provide tax planning advice to Landlords around ownership, particularly where one half of a couple perhaps has a higher income than the other.

If you are a Landlord, with one property or a portfolio of multiple properties, we would love to help you ensure that you are only paying the tax that you have to and that you are able to retain as much as possible. Why not contact us to find out whether you can pay less in future?