Accounts Preparation

It may be a radical thought, but accounts produced for statutory purposes can also be put to good use within the business!

Whilst they are a historic document, containing what is effectively out of date information, the figures can be used as a starting point for decisions about the future direction of the business, to see how you are progressing towards achieving your goals and of course their prompt completion can give you the chance to make improvements before another year has rolled by.

We will prepare your accounts for Companies House and for use in the calculation of the Company's Corporation Tax liability, or for your Partnership or Self Assessment Tax Returns. Our goal is always to ensure you retain as much of your hard work as is possible and that as little information as possible about the business is put into the public domain.

We will also nag, cajole and harass clients, in the nicest possible way, to ensure that the relevant deadlines are met in good time, giving us the maximum opportunity to ensure any tax liabilities are minimised. 

Contact us now if your business would benefit from a different approach to the preparations of its accounts.


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