HMRC Investigations & Enquiries

As a result of increased pressure from Government, the levels of HMRC Investigations and Enquiries have risen dramatically, as HMRC wield the increase pwers they have been granted  with regards to investigations and enquiries, coupled with targets for the amounts of additional tax they are compelled to recover from tax payers.

Business Records Checks have been introduced, allowing HMRC to inspect records before the year end, at seven days notice and with potential penalties of up to £3,000 for any shortcomings they identify.

The unfortunate result is a significant rise in the number of HMRC enquiries, inspections and visits, often without any explanation or justification, and a comparable increase in the worry and pressure for many people and businesses, faced with defending their already correct position and who ultimately have no further liability.

We can deal directly with HMRC on your behalf whenever it is required, but in particular should an enquiry be opened or if they want to visit your premises, and also offer an annual fee protection scheme which covers the fees incurred in defending your position, inspired as a direct result of our feeling of injustice at this worsening situation. Membership of this scheme starts at just £49+VAT per annum for an individual, and includes access to a helpline which offers subscribers access to consultants who can offer advice for any Employment & Personnel, Health & Safety or Commercial Law issues.

If our clients receive any communication from HMRC, whether they are covered by the fee protection scheme or not, they know they can just direct them to us, and we will take care of it on their behalf, which can often forestall any further issues.

Of course, the best defence against unwanted HMRC Investigations and Enquiries is to make sure that all returns and submissions are completed accurately and are made on time, but we can also offer additional advice around reducing any risks still further, particularly in the event of any unusual events during the reportable period; just call and ask!

Contact us to discuss how we can help reduce the chances of such an enquiry in the first place and ensure that you have a first class defence should the need arise.


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