New Business

Setting up a new business from scratch is daunting! Even more daunting are the statistics that show that the majority of businesses fail within two years of start-up. We offer a lot of information, guidance and support to ensure that your new business doesn't become one of those scary statistics!

Many people set up their new business with a passion and a strong wish to be self sufficient and not to rely on others but when you put everything at risk to set up a new business you need to start off on the right track, so you need careful guidance to make sure you know which route that is! Amongst a raft of other things, you need to know that you are keeping the right records to avoid unwanted attention from HMRC, and you need to know that you have chosen the right structure for your business, being sole trader, limited company or partnership.

We can help with all of these things, as well as many more which are bound to occur to you at a variety of times as the weeks and months pass; when those questions pop up, we are here to help. 

So, if you are considering setting up a new business,  whether it's your first or not, we can help! Contact us now to get answers to all of those nagging questions and give you back the excitement you had when you first dreamt of your new venture!