Outsourced FD / Business Excellence

As a business travels through its lifecycle, from start-up to becoming established and thriving, its needs develop along a similar pathway. The level of expertise required grows in proportion to the challenges the business faces, and at the many decision points, the level of knowledge and experience required changes leaving business owners struggling to keep up.

Though people start a business for many different reasons and with many different backgrounds, it is unusual for them to have a solid financial experience, or to be able to afford to recruit the level of expertise they could really benefit from, into the business. Initially, there is no need to have that level of experience ‘in-house’ as the call upon it is not significant enough to warrant the expense, but as time goes on, the need for the expertise grows, though still not to the point of warranting a full time recruit.

That is where we come in!

Our Outsourced FD and Business Excellence services fill this role for developing businesses, whatever stage they may be at or whatever size they may be, providing the focus, financial experience and advice that is required. A totally bespoke package, services adapts to the specific and changing needs of each client, and will include as a minimum: regular updates as to progress on agreed action points; reviews of financial developments; an element of accountability when deadlines and actions are agreed to ensure completion; suggestions as a result. The service can also include far more if or when it is required!

With a proven track record of making a real impact to businesses, we’d love to help you see a clear return on the efforts put in to developing your business.

Why not contact us now and let us show you how we can bring the extra experience that may make all the difference to your cashflow, your profitability or your progress towards defining and achieving your goals?


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