Payroll Services

The calculation of payrolls, whether weekly, monthly or annual, for one or dozens of staff or just for Directors, is subject to a raft of rules and regulations which is constantly changing and evolving and which can be one of the most emotive to deal with. It is essential that business owners have complete faith that the processing of the business's payroll is done accurately, promptly and to include all aspects of the regulations.

The more people a business employs, the more likely it is of course that matters such as Minimum Wage, State Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay, new starters, leavers, Statutory Sick pay, Holiday adjustments, commissions, expenses and a range of other amendments and schemes will become relevant. Our payroll team are constantly following the changes to all of these areas and more besides, and ensure that our clients' payrolls are monitored and calculated accordingly.

The imposition of RTI in 2013 brought a new emphasis on timely reporting to HMRC, and though there was a very confusing and latterly announced period of grace allowed during which reporting rules were relaxed, we have made sure that we followed the full rules for clients from Day 1, so there is no need for a further revision to processes when this period expires.

Of course our processing of Payroll also includes provision and submission of P60s, P45s and, where necessary P11Ds, allowing clients to focus on their business. We view our responsbility for P11Ds to include providing advice as to how to totally remove the need for preparation and submission where possible, so routinely apply for Dispensations for our clients where we beleive it to be possible, and make suggestions to minimise the need for these returns where this is not the case.

The final area for consideration within the Payroll Services category is that of PAYE settlements, where the business may choose to pay the tax on any benefits provided to the employee; we prerpare the computations as necessary and obtain agreement from HMRC on our clients' behalf.

As any business grows, Payroll can become an increasingly time consuming headache to manage, which will only get worse with the added administration of Auto Enrolment over the coming months and years. If you would like to pass on the preparation and management of your payroll, contact us now.